An early start…
My name is kerri, but it seems these days, more people know me as the functional foodie. I have had a love of food and cooking from a very early age. I hear stories about me as a 3 year old eating raw oysters on the half shell as well as a memory of eating caviar on special occasions. Growing up, I ate like a king.

I learned to cook from my father. He has cooked in many restaurants and at one point owned his own. At a very young age I was in the kitchen assisting my dad and learning everything he knew. By 9 years old I was comfortable with his French chef knives and preparing things on my own. I enjoyed being in the kitchen. My parents always raised poultry for eggs and meat. Every year they had a large fruit and vegetable garden. My appreciation for organic ingredients started early.
please don't get me wrong, these women are GORGEOUS.

After high school there was a period of 6 years of gained and lost weight in unhealthy ways. This was partly due to no longer playing sports and a typical college diet. I found paleo in may of 2009. You can read more about my paleo story here.

Yes, I have lost weight eating paleo and I have gotten leaner than ever before, but my reason for eating and training the way I do is not to look like a swimsuit model. I want to be able to carry a 180 pound man out of a burning building if I have to.

Beyond the bacon…

Believe it or not, I do other things that cook, eat and train.

I love spending time with my friends and family. I enjoy being outdoors, hiking, dining out, sport fishing, reading, traveling, being on the beach or boat, antiquing, and trying to play golf.

I have a sickening obsession with the food network. Now before everyone jumps down my throat, I’m a lover of all food. It doesn’t mean I eat it, but I still love it. I’m always looking for new recipe ideas, techniques, ingredients, etc.

About this blog…

I started this blog more for myself, to document my kitchen creations. I never imagined that it would be this popular all over the world. It’s still crazy to me that people actually read this and use my recipes. Introducing others to the paleo lifestyle and all the positive ways it can change your life is a great reward for me.

Do what makes you happy and healthy.

I welcome your feedback and questions.

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