Thursday, September 30, 2010

deadlifts and a metcon

wednesday night at the gym was deadlifts followed by a short met-con.

my top set i pulled 240# three times. we changed up how we did deadlifts a little, by stopping and resetting at the bottom.... making them so much harder!! i guess i never realized how much that bounce helps me...

clearly not my best look... this was rep 3 at 240#

then it was time for the met-con:

overhead squats
100 yard run

i was really impressed with myself when i snatched the weight up on the first try... not so successful with that in round two.

i stayed in POSE the entire run, something that has taken me a long time to perfect... and i use that term VERY loosely.

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Ann said...

Over head squats look very good. Love working outside in the dark...