Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the 'other' meals...

it's clear i'm not blogging 3 times a day, so obviously i'm eating meals that i'm not posting. here are a bunch of meal photos i've taken in my travels at home, work, mom & dad's, etc.

these were eggs i made at my parents house one morning. yes that's ketchup... sue me. p.s. eggs are a common meal at their house because of their chickens out back!

there was a meeting at work one day, among all the breads, bagels, cream cheese and muffins i found some delicious fruit!

 a cup of black coffee that has recently been frequenting my desk at work...

this one got some weird looks. it was a super fast and easy lunch one day. i brought several ounces of nitrate free turkey breast and a whole avocado and cut that up.

this was a PWO supper at my mum and dad's house. mixed green salad with tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and a tin of tuna. i found a mustard vinegarette in the fridge which was delcious...

another breakfast at my parents house. i found some leftover ham from an EXPERTLY executed 'green eggs & ham' themed birthday party ;) i chopped up the ham in threw it into some eggs.

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