Monday, January 3, 2011

holiday woes...

first off, happy 2011! it's a new year, a clean slate, a revitalizing start.... i was never much of a resolution person, but i always loved the feeling of a new beginning.

i hit a bit of a rough patch (to put it mildly) with food over the holidays and am finally back on track. boy, did my body hate me for not making good choices. it started off with a couple desserts here and a glass of champagne there and then the flood gates opened. i was eating things that i NEVER desire, and in the moment, i felt that i couldn't live without them. i couldn't stop myself. i felt like a drug addict who was on a week long binge. i couldn't escape it. at work, food packages were delivered everyday and some new confection was right under my nose. i'm not sure what changed in me, because normally i wouldn't even BLINK at those things, but i think once my body got a taste, i craved it. i wasn't myself mentally. my workouts were still consistent, but i dreaded them. then the affects set in. i was sick, bloated and couldn't stand to look at myself.

for the record, i ate nothing pictured here... but it only seemed appropriate

shockingly i did manage to get a couple PR's in the beginning of my downfall. 33 unbroken double unders and a 185 back squat for 2 reps. i can thank george and Again Faster for my new jump rope and that new PR. on the other hand, towards the end of this food driven madness, i practically struggled with everything in the gym.

but i'm back and i'm grabbing life by the balls in 2011... i'm not calling it resolution, but more like a "future self improvement."

#1 i'm going to try to be less judgmental and critical to those that are close to me.

#2 call me shallow, superficial or self absorbed, but by spring/summer 2011 i want to be able to work out in just a sports bra (and shorts OBVIOUSLY) and be confident.

i'm still feeling strong after a minor holiday snafu

look for a couple new recipes this week and hopefully some workout videos in the near future. i also have yet to post about my first experience at a power lifting meet, so look for that in the coming week. thanks to all of my readers. you help me stay on track and hold me accountable every single day.


Ann said...

Well said!!!I have to admit I was a little scared there for a while. You were like some sugar crazed addict that said things and did things ( falling to to floor in the middle of a class..landing in fetal position and moaning) well, let's just say it wasn't pretty. Good to have you back!!!!

Trixie said...

LOL...I had the holiday binge you did..wasn't pretty. Glad I'm not alone on this journey:)

Kerri Heffel said...

that's exactly what this is, Trixie. one heck of a journey :) i've been meaning to let you know, i actually starting counting my calories for real, in an effort to speed up fat loss.... so far so good! hope you're doing well

Trixie said...

Hey Kerri! Nice to hear from you. Where have you been keeping your calories? Glad it's going well. Have you been using Fitday? I like Would love to see what your meals look like, been getting board:)

Kerri Heffel said...

i'm currently tracking my calories, food and measurements in a notebook and i'm using Daily Plate to get my numbers. i'll have to get a post up soon of a couple days worth of meals with calorie info.

Trixie said...