Friday, March 4, 2011

link love

i have a new favorite blog! The Paleo Child is amazing. no babies for me yet, but when it's time, i know a paleo baby is possible. Whitney is such an inspiration! make sure to check it out...

here is a great article about calcium, by NJ Paleo girl. people fail to realize that there are TONS of other things with calcium besides dairy!

i can't wait to try this crab cake recipe.

forecast for new england this weekend might turn rainy on sunday. this slow cooked brisket recipe might be making an apperance on the menu.

AND in case you missed it, here is art devany and robb wolf's apperance on Nightline tuesday night. its nice to see the paleo lifestyle in the mainstream, but i think the interviewer thought it was some sort of joke. also, i wish they gave robb got a chance to talk about disease prevention a little bit more.

here is another blog i just stumbled on that i'm really excited about. make sure to check out Sheilla and Meredith and their budget paleo blog made easy!

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NJ Paleo Girl said...

thanks for the link love- just found your site, and i'm loving it!