Thursday, January 3, 2013

paleo freezer meals

Hello Fellow Foodies!

Happy New Year! I've seen lots of Whole 30's going on.... are you joining in?? I'm not, although I probably should...

Last month I was invited by my sister in law to a Wildtree Cooking Workshop.

"Wildtree is a party-plan direct selling company offering people the opportunity to run their own flexible business, build relationships and live a healthy lifestyle. Wildtree was founded on the premise that food should be simple, healthy, and natural."

They are very food allergy conscious, which definitely peaked my interest. You can read more about Wildtree here.  It was very interesting and although we got 10 freezer meals out of the workshop (you provide your own proteins and a few other ingredients) and Wildtree products that you used to create the freezer meals, I feel that what I gained most from this workshop was the actual knowledge of how to put together meals in advance saving time, and in some cases money.

Now some of these meals were not paleo, but our instructor Darci pointed out that meals could be made gluten free with just a few adjustments and substitutions. My creative juices started flowing and it got me thinking. Could I come up with my OWN recipes for paleo friendly freezer meals? We are winding down with our Wildtree freezer meals and it might be the time for me to start brainstorming some of my own ideas. The concept is simple, an hour or so of preparation can yield a boat load of meals that can be thrown into the crock or simply defrosted and prepared for a quick weeknight supper.

I'm hoping to get some of these up and running soon! Stay tuned....

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SeraJinn said...

Let me know if you succeed with you own recipe? Post it here, I'll be back.
Serajinn My Lens On The Paleo Cookbook>

brista said...

I'm so interested in learning what freezer recipes you found to work. I am trying to get better about advance prep so I don't lose it before dinner and get fast food! Unfortunately a lot of the freezer prep recipes I find are very pasta/cream of.../cheese-heavy, so I definitely am interested in some yummy paleo ones! :)

Anonymous said...

I am interested as well! Maren from Portland, OR