Saturday, September 4, 2010

my first competition

one week from today, i will be competing in my first powerlifting meet. i was approached at my gym by a member of Big Iron Powerlifting. he mentioned that they were having an end of summer deadlift and bench press meet and he wanted to invite me to compete. he said he has seen my lifting and thought i would do well. WOW! i told him that i really couldn't pull that much weight, but still had an ounce of interest.

before i could change my mind, I became a member of the Amateur Athletic Union and sent in my application. i can't bench press to save my life (i blame my extra long arms), so i only entered to compete in the deadlift portion. i will be competing against women my age and in my weight class.

i'm terribly nervous about the whole thing, but i think it's a great opportunity. i'm always trying to do things out of my comfort zone, and lifting heavy shit in front of strangers definitely falls in that category. my father keeps telling me, "you never know what doors this might open." i keep thinking, even if nothing comes out of it will still be an amazing experience and something to tell my kids.

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