Tuesday, October 26, 2010

hiking adventure--barefoot style!

on sunday george and i decided to take an adventure and hike mount monadnock in jaffery, new hampshire. we strapped on our new vibram five fingers and headed out! i packed a light snack for us of larabars, clementines, organic beef jerky and almonds. little did we know, we wouldn't get a chance to relax and nosh on the trail.

our ascent was challenging, lots of odd shaped rocks and not 1 inch of flat land. now, i consider myself a pretty good athlete, but this trail was tough! i was breathing heavy and sweating. i repeatedly asked george how he felt to assure that i wasn't alone on this one... we moved at a pretty good clip on the way up. it took us a little less than 2 hours to get to the summit.

it was sleeting/snowing/blowing like crazy up there! it is very cold and windy over 3,000 feet above sea level... thank God we dressed appropriately. we didn't stay up there for more than 5 minutes before starting our descent.

at the summit!

of course i had to do a handstand at the top

only a couple minutes down that snow/sleet mixture turned into rain, making for a slippery and messy slope. our vibrams had INCREDIBLE traction on the leaf covered rocks. but, i made one mis-step and down i went. thank God i have some cushion so i only have a couple scrapes and bruises.

george has KSO's and i have sprints

we made it to the bottom in a little over 2 hours... there were definitely some tough spots where you need both hands to get yourself down.

overall we had an amazing time. i would highly recommend hiking or walking trails in fivefingers. they held up amazing in some pretty rough terrain. they were definitely an attention getter too. not one person we walked by didn't ask us about them. mount monadnock was a great hike and we'll be doing it again for sure...

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