Friday, October 22, 2010

the meals in between...

baby shallots and grape tomatoes roasted

bacon that was cooked in the oven
scrambled eggs w/ roasted shallots & grape tomatoes
george's english prime rib w/ yorkshire pudding, baked potato and summer squash

grilled chicken over mixed greens w/ walnuts, balsamic vinegarette and a sprinkle of gorgonzola

shredded beef chimichanga w/ sour cream & guac

homemade tuna salad and a mixed green salad w/ a whole avocado

whole foods salad bar w/ chicken

my first EVER fried eggs topped with fresh salsa and a side of bacon


Patty said...

Wow Kerri, this morning I had eggs scrambled with sun-dried tomatoes, shallots and kale. I sure wish I would have thought to roast the shallots first! i think you listed all my favorite foods in one post! And your fired eggs look perfect!

Patty said...

fried... :-)

Kerri Heffel said...

those roasted shallots and tomatoes were actually the base for a roasted chicken... i just love how grape tomatoes taste when they are roasted in a hot oven! let me know if you try them :)