Monday, November 22, 2010


my training has changed a little bit over the past month or two. we have cut down on met-cons (i'll admit i have a slight addiction to them) and incorporated more gymnastic and body weight movements as well as lots of body control. handstands, headstands, bridge holds and walks, ring holds, ring L-sits, skin the cat, lever progressions and pistols have become the majority of our training. we have also been working on wrist mobility and strength √† la Ido Portal. we still do a heavy lift day of squats and deadlifts, and i will be adding a heavy bench press lifting day this week too.

even in the short time of doing these movements i have noticed increased strength in other lifts and some slight body composition changes. here is a photo i took today of my stomach:

obviously not miranda's abs, but definitely going in the right direction. i have to be honest, i had an ENORMOUS breakfast before this photo was taken, so i can only imagine what it would have looked like if i had displayed some portion control.

my conclusion: this bodyweight/gymnastic stuff works! even in the short time we have been doing it, i have improved on almost every movement.

here is a sequence of movements we have also incorporated into our training...

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