Friday, December 3, 2010


the deadlift. once a favorite lift of mine has become an increasing and frustrating thorn in my side. after this post about my goals for the future, i received a little bit of flack and concern on my form. i got defensive at first thinking, why is this the first i'm hearing about it? why was i approached by a powerlifting team to compete? then went back to basics questions everything i was taught and everything i thought i knew. i sort of went into panic mode. i decided to work on some accessory work to help keep my lower back locked out at my setup and preventing any rounding; back extensions, sitting at the bottom of a squat fighting my chest back, supermans, GHD sit ups, etc.

i dream about this at night...

mark dropped down my deadlift weights and we really focused on my form. i felt like a beginner! i struggled with weights that were normally a warm up! we eliminated 'touch-and-go' deadlifts and reset after each rep. each rep felt impossible.

reading some comments on WODs involving deadlifts on the mainsite, i've noticed people critiquing top elite athlete's form as their backs round under heavy weights. i watched millions of deadlift form and powerlifting videos from multiple sources. my conclusion off the information i've gathered over the past month is this: obviously when you are competing and trying to pull as much weight as possible, your form is going to suffer a little. on the other hand, everyday lifts and training should be done with (as close to) perfect form as you can get. strive to get perfect form when training everyday. it may be with a lower weight than you're used to and you (AKA me) might get served up a big fat slice of humble pie, but it's better for you and your strength in the long run.

i'm scheduled to compete in a powerlifting meet on December 12. (the meet from September was cancelled) i'm training for the deadlifts with a fully extended back at lower weights. i plan on getting as close as possible to my old 1RM as possible. the squats and bench press are another story...

2 nights ago i did 2 sets of deadlifts with 175 pounds and they felt amazing! from what coach told me, they looked better and SAFE too. i'm feeling a little more positive and confident about them now... hopefully this is a sign of better things to come.

p.s. also this is my coach's youtube channel were he puts videos from class... check it out!

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Bobito said...

Perfection in form is the gift that keeps on giving, and the pursuit that never ends.