Thursday, January 19, 2012

epsom salt baths

i've been incorporating a new recovery technique into my regime, epsom salt baths! my mother used to always say that sore feet could be solved by soaking in epsom salt. i dug a little further. epsom salt, or hydrated magnesium sulfate, can be absorbed through the skin and has been known to, among many other things, reduce muscle soreness and inflammation. so i decided to try for myself. what better excuse to use my new claw foot tub???

the first time i tried it was after 5 x5 back squats at 175 pounds, i was starting to feel sore before i even got home! i drew a hot bath and put probably 2 cups (i didn't measure) into the water and let it dissolve. i checked the clock and geared up for 10-15 minutes. unless you have a VERY deep tub, use a face cloth to soak your upper back and shoulders. when you are done, don't rinse, just towel dry.

i don't know if the placebo effect has a strong hold on me, but i swear this made my recovery so much quicker! i found a big carton of epsom salt at my regular grocer for just about $5. you don't need anything fancy, straight up epsom salt should do the trick. but if you're feeling frisky, they make lavender scented, which might be nice before bed or eucalyptus mint. my friend Kelly hooked me up with some amazing scents for Christmas. white tea is my favorite.

George on the Vineyard... we love baths!

here are a bunch of other interesting uses for epsom salt: face cleanser, foot scrubs, splinter removal and more. 

so after your next heavy strength day and after your sweet potato, try an epsom salt bath!!

what do YOU do to aid recovery? a big post workout meal? fish oil?


Anonymous said...

Kerri, I love my epsom salt baths. I have been using them for many years after hard training sessions or a long week. I also sometimes add a little coconut oil to the bath at the same time and I always come out feeling relaxed and feeling luxurious :-)

Kerri Heffel said...

Oh, the coconut oil sounds like an amazing addition!

katielou said...

I LOVE EPSOM SALT BATHS!!! my personal fave is peppermint epsom salt.... p.s
CANNOT DEAL WITH GEORGE ! get him a rubber ducky please