Wednesday, February 22, 2012

some of my recent workouts

dumbbell front squats (35# dumbbells)
knees to elbows

my time: 10:45... front squats got hard pretty quick. i considered the KTE a rest, that should give you a sense how this one went.

photo not related to my post even a little bit.

5 rounds
5 power cleans (100#)
10 burpees

my time: 10:00... weight on the power cleans was heavy enough to slow me down so the burpees weren't horrid.

7 rounds
7 thrusters (95#)
7 burpees

my time:12:56... this is SO deceptive. looks way easier on paper.

3 rounds
200m sandbag run
15 box jumps
15 sit ups

my time:12:00... legs were spicy with the combo of the run and box jumps.

4 rounds
400m run
30 overhead squats (45#)

my time: 21:28... no comment.

wall ball (12 or 14# med. ball.... i forget)

my time: 9:22... i might recommend starting with the burpees rather than wall balls on this one. i was literally balls to the wall on the wall balls (too much?) and i couldn't regroup going into the burpees.

my strength gains are slow but still there. some of my strength numbers as of recently are below. obviously these are after 2 or 3 warm up sets with increasing weight. i very rarely test a 1RM.

  • 185# back squat for 4 reps (i got 6 at 180# the previous week)
  • 80# standing press for 4 reps
  • 105# bench press for 4 reps
  • 100# thruster for 5 reps (woop! super psyched about this one)
  • 235# deadlift for 5 reps
  • 150# front squat for 5 reps

enjoy boys and girls!

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