Tuesday, January 17, 2012

funny google keywords

this may or may not be the best part about blogging. here are some of the most interesting (and hilarious) keywords people have used to find my blog via Google:

-2 pints of ben and jerry's   
my favorite little Paleo baby, Quinn, from The Paleo Child

-20 pounds bill

-paleo blogs babies 

-"helmet cam" hockey

-paleo keesh

-bison balls

-you've lugged one home from the store spaghetti squash

-why avoid chicken

-what does a 9 x 9 glass pan look like

-the kitten that hates everything

-slight abs

-scary chocolate brown wolf

-people think i am nuts on paleo

-odd shape pot roast

-miranda oldroyd nude

-methods to resist ice cream

-lifting 300 lbs off the floor with gear back

-kerri heffel and george

-is gordon ramsay handsome

-how big are mangos

-gymnastics snafu

-girls types of breast n size

-eating paleo for hockey

-costa rica alcohol prices

-do foodies use crock pots?

-coffee cup on desk

-carrots dipped in ice cream

-breast press

-best crossfit hunks

any of you bloggers out there get any crazy search keywords?


AllieNic @ Frisky Lemon said...

I get a lot of :

"will my slow cooker burn down my house"

"mandrakes Harry Potter"

"jeans for pear shaped women"

My favorite from today is


Kerri Heffel said...

I love those!! p.s. I'm guilty of googling "slow cooker house fires" :-/

Alin said...

That's awesome, I just love these foodies.